Free Sports Activity Tracker with built in Competition Simulator

Practice Running, Cycling or Walking and entertain yourself!!!

Enter a VR race and get live commentary about your performance and race position

Development stage   

Get it on Google Play

The development has reached "Alpha" stage, many features still missing. This App is not yet listed in the PlayStore catalog because we started a wide Testing, please if you find it interesting you can install it from the link above and use it as an "Alpha Tester"; doing so .. you will help us to speed up the App final deployment !! .

It actually supports Android 4.4 and above.

The app is currently usable to track your activities; Running,Cycling and Walking.

A single and virtual race is also immediately available

Should you encounter any problem installing or running the App, please write to: specifying device model and Android version.

The Race!!

You will enter a Virtual Race

No need to wait, select your activity Running,Cycling or Walking and you are ready for the race

Select your target speed

Run and get live commentary about your race position and performance

Your challengers are virtual runners

Further development will let you join Virtual championships, run with your friends and give you many other exciting features to motivate yoursef

Please be patient this app is in early stage of development!!

A simple activity tacker as well

If youl'd like you will be able to track your activities without entering a race


Configure Your race

  • Activity type
  • Distance
  • Level
  • Challenge Factor
  • Number of Contestants
  • Commentary frequency

Review Activity History

Activity data are stored and will be accessible from the device or this site

View the details an the activity Map